Fluke QA-ES III Electrosurgical Tester and Analyzer

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The Fluke QA-ES III  Electrosurgical Analyzer is the newest electrical surgical safety tester developed by Fluke Biomedical. The QA-ES III measures the performance of high-frequency medical devices, specifically Electrosurgery Units (ESU). Having the latest technology, the Fluke QA-ES III saves test records via the Fluke Ansur software via either wireless or wired data transfer.

The Electrosurgical Analyzer collects measurements for Vessel Sealing, High Frequency (HF) Leakage, Contact Quality Monitor (CQM), and output Power Distribution in single or continuous mode. Cut and Coag waveforms can also be measured in monopolar or bipolar outputs. With specifications of 10kV and 0mA to 5,500 mA, this covers all basic power measurements of voltage, current, and power under different loads, with greater accuracy than the previous generation unit. The Fluke QA-ES III can test all modern, high-power, electrosurgical units.