Hilo-Test CAR-AWG 6000 Battery Simulator

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The Hilo-Test CAR-AWG 6000 Battery Simulator is a compact EMC testing system for performing voltage variations on supply lines of vehicles. Hilo-Test CAR-AWG 6000 systems are the optimal voltage power source for battery simulation up to 70V. It can simulate pulse 2b, pulse 4, starting profile, superimposed alternating voltage, and others, up to a battery current of 40A/ 100A.

Optionally it can be expanded with CAR-TEST-SYSTEM 14 and PG2804. The CAR-TEST-SYSTEM
14 allows the generation of transient immunity test pulses, pulse #1, #2 and #3. The generator PG2804
generates load dump pulses according to ISO16750-2 (Test A, Test B (Clip)).