Teseq NSG 5071 Inducitive Switch Transient Test Circuit

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The Teseq NSG 5071 is an inductive switch transient circuit that was created in accordance with Ford standard EMC-CS-2009. Featuring the CI 260 Waveform F,  the test circuit uses the same relay and the test circuit defined in Annex F for the A, C pulses, RI 130 and figure 19-10 for CI 260 Waveform F. The NSG 5071 test circuit aims to have better reproducibility of actual switching transients. A fixed design of the generator uses several pre-defined components and does not use reproducibility from output characteristics normally seen in traditional automotive immunity tests. The Teseq NSG 5071 tests for C1 220 pulses A1, A2-1, A2-2, C1, C2, and RI 130 by using an inductive transient/relay generator test circuit.