EM Test Automotive Transient Emission Set 100 kHz - 125 MHz

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The EM Test Transient Emission Set 100 kHz - 125 MHz consisting of the BS 200N100 electronic switch, the artificial network AN 200N100 and the BSM 200N40 mechanical switch is an easy-to-use, economic and compact solution, fully compliant to ISO 7637-2. Small size of the equipment and short interconnections allow to meet the distances specified by the standard. An optional resistor box RS-Box with shunt resistor is available for transient emission measurements as per ISO 7637-2:2004 and ISO 7637-2:2011. The RS-Box offers the required 40ohm shunt resistor and other demanding shunt resistors values of e.g. 10ohm, 20ohm and 120ohm.