Kikusui PLZ303W Electronic Load

Kikusui PLZ303W Electronic Load, 10V, 60A, 300W
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Kikusui PLZ303W
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The Kikusui PLZ303W Electronic Load provides constant current, constant resistance, constant voltage, and constant power modes.


  • A multiple number of setting conditions can be stored in memory for instant setting capabilities
  • Ammeter, voltmeter and power meter
  • Sequence function allows setting conditions to be changed automatically
  • Able to perform waveform simulations identical to actual environments
  • Protective circuit for the instrument against operating errors
  • OPTION: GPIB Interface Board - IB11



Rating Operating Voltage: 1.5 V to 120 V
Current: 0 to 60 A
Power: 0 to 300 W
Constant Current Mode Setting Range H Range: 0 to 60A
L Range: 0 to 6A
Constant Voltage Mode Setting Range 1.5 V to 120 V
Constant Resistance Mode Setting Range H Range: 0.05 ohms to 5 ohms
L Range: 0.5 ohms to 50 ohms
Constant Power Mode Setting Range 30 W to 300 W