Kikusui TOS8850 W/I Auto Tester

Kikusui TOS8850 Auto Tester
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Kikusui TOS8850
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Manual Specifications

This W/I Auto Tester is a combination of a withstanding voltage tester and ad insulation resistance tester, and it is capable of performing withstanding voltage test and insulation resistance test in one continuous process.


Test Voltage
Applied Voltage 0 kV - 2.5 kV AC
0 kV - 5 kV AC
Wattage Rating 500 VA (5 kV, 100mA, with 100 V line voltage)
Waveform: AC line waveform
Voltage Regulation Better than 20% (for mazimum rated load to no load, with 100 V line voltage)
Switching Zero-turn-on-switch (zero-start switch) is used
Output Voltmeter
Scales 2.5 kV FZ and 5 kV FS, two ranges linear scales
Class of meter JIS Class 1
Accuracy ±3% FS or better
Indication Mean-value response, effective-value scale graduation