Kikusui TOS8850 W/I Auto Tester

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Kikusui TOS8850 Auto Tester
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Kikusui TOS8850
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Manual Specifications
This W/I Auto Tester is a combination of a withstanding voltage tester and ad insulation resistance tester, and it is capable of performing withstanding voltage test and insulation resistance test in one continuous process.
Kikusui TOS8850 Specs
Test Voltage
Applied Voltage 0 kV - 2.5 kV AC
0 kV - 5 kV AC
Wattage Rating 500 VA (5 kV, 100mA, with 100 V line voltage)
Waveform: AC line waveform
Voltage Regulation Better than 20% (for maximum rated load to no load, with 100 V line voltage)
Switching Zero-turn-on-switch (zero-start switch) is used
Output Voltmeter
Scales 2.5 kV FZ and 5 kV FS, two ranges linear scales
Class of meter JIS Class 1
Accuracy ±3% FS or better
Indication Mean-value response, effective-value scale graduation