Lansmont Saver 3L30 3 Axis Transit Shock Recorder

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The Lansmont Saver 3L30 3 Axis Transit Shock Recorder is a measurement device that continuously monitors all shocks but only records those events that are significant. Each event is Date and Time stamped to help determine where the product was and who was handling it when the event occurred. The powerful analysis software will display waveforms for all stored events.

The informative status lights indicate operating mode and battery status, and the Alarm light flashes when a user set threshold has been exceeded. Without having to upload data or even press a button you can know on the receiving dock that there has been transportation abuse and note it on the receiver or inspect the shipment in front of the driver. No more putting damaged goods into inventory only to find the problem weeks later when they are needed.

With its small size and light weight the SAVER™ 3L30 will easily fit most shipping containers and the lithium rechargeable batteries will run the instrument for 30 days on a single charge.