Larson Davis LXT1-QPR Sound Level Meter

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Many firearm examiners are tasked with determining whether installation of a suppressor or silencer on a firearm results in a “perceptible” reduction of the sound pressure level of a gun. The Larson Davis SoundTrack LxT1-QPR provides this functionality utilizing an easy-to-use handheld platform. With the included ¼” prepolarized pressure microphone, Model LXT1- QPR, is capable of reading the very high levels typically associated with gunfire testing. These readings can quickly be organized and stored on internal memory, and exported to a PC for archiving and reporting.

Reports generated include selectable noise parameters (peak, background level, max SPL, etc.) as well as calibration history of the instrument, important for courtroom presentations. All Larson Davis sound level meters are supplied with NIST-­traceable calibration certificates. Yearly calibration services are offered. The Larson Davis Model LXT1- QPR is an ideal tool for gathering, analyzing and presenting detailed firearm noise data quickly, easily and concisely.