Fluke ii900 Series Sonic Industrial Imagers

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The Fluke ii900 Series Sonic Industrial Imagers allows maintenance teams to accurately locate air, gas, and vacuum leaks in compressed air systems, even in noisy environments. The Fluke ii900 series consists of the Fluke ii910 and Fluke ii900 Acoustic Imagers, each equipped with an array of microphones that generate a spectrum of decibel levels per frequency that allow for an expanded field-of-view to perform these measurements.

The Fluke ii910 provides increased sensitivity to detect leaks that are smaller or farther away. The Fluke ii900 and ii910 each have built-in SoundSight™ and SoundMap™ technology to visualize sound waves and showcase a visual map of noise sources using an acoustic array on a 7 inch LCD capacitive touchscreen.

High-voltage electricians, electrical test engineers, or grid-maintenance teams that are inspecting and maintaining power distribution or high voltage equipment will find that the Fluke ii900 or the Fluke ii910 Acoustic Imagers are simple to learn and easy to navigate.