Larson Davis Spartan 730 Noise Dosimeter

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The Larson Davis Spartan 730 Noise Dosimeter is designed to make worker noise dose measurements easy and efficient. With the Spartan 730, control test setup and measurements directly from the Larson Davis mobile app. All essential tasks can be completed from your mobile device. The Larson Davis Spartan 730 offers interference-free monitoring using low-energy Bluetooth, ensuring the user obtains essential data the first time. When a test is complete, this noise dosimeter communicates with the app to download the data, which is viewable directly from a phone or tablet. 

The Larson Davis Spartan 730's built-in measurement of motion and bumps, combined with optional event audio recordings and 1/1 octave frequency analysis, provide additional data to help you understand what caused the noise. The G4 Larson Davis Utility software offers another option for control of your testing. The Spartan 730 noise dosimeter's connectivity and useful features such as automatic calibration and wireless charging make it a well-rounded instrument.