Megger Torkel 820 12, 24, 48 Volt DC Battery Load Unit

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Megger Torkel 820
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Torkel 820 Datasheet Supplemental Document
The Megger Torkel 820 Battery Load Unit features a unique design that combines efficiency with portability. Using TORKEL 820 you can discharge 24 and 48 V batteries at a current of 270 A, and 12 V batteries at 135 A. Moreover, two or more TORKEL 820 units and/ or extra load units, TXL, can be linked together if you need higher current. Discharging proceeds at constant current, constant power or constant resistance, or in accordance with a pre-selected load profile. The TORKEL 820 issues a warning and/or shuts down the test automatically when a) the voltage has dropped to a certain level, b) discharging has continued through a certain time interval or c) a certain amount of capacity has been dissipated.
Megger Torkel 820 Features
  • External measurement input used to measure current in an external path by means of a clamp-on ammeter or a current shunt.
  • Alarm output equipped with a relay contact for triggering an external alarm device.
  • Start/Stop input used for starting and stopping discharging from an external device. Galvanically isolated.
  • TXL output used for control of TXL Extra Loads. Galvanically isolated.
  • Serial port used for connection to a PC or other controlling equipment.
  • Voltage controlled circuit breaker that connects / disconnects the loading circuits in TORKEL from the battery.
  • Positive current connection for battery being tested.
  • Input for sensing voltage at the battery terminals.
  • Negative current connection for battery being tested.