Met One 3411 Air Particle Counter

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Met One 3411
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3411 Datasheet Brochure
Met One 3411 portable air particle counters are designed specifically for semiconductor cleanroom monitoring, process benchmarking and particle troubleshooting applications. With industry leading ISO 21501 accuracy and reproducibility, the Met One 3411 is the cleanest 0.1um portable air particle counter in the market.
Met One 3411 Features
  • Cleanroom friendly monitoring - Reduced particle impact to cleanroom environment
  • Unit-to-unit accuracy and reproducibility - Assured through ISO 21501 compliance
  • Flexible communications - Wireless, Ethernet, Serial and USB
  • Long continuous operation - Dual hot-swappable batteries
  • Intuitive touch-screen user interface - Easy area, location, operating parameter configuration and replication