Narda 5G FR2 Antenna for SRM 3006 - Omnidirectional (3591/02)

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The Narda 5G FR2 antenna (3591/02) is an omnidirectional RF field measurement antenna designed to extend the frequency range of the Narda SRM-3006 to 24.25 GHz - 29.5 GHz. Narda 5G FR2 antennas enhance the measurement capabilities of the SRM-3006 to achieve compliance with EMF limits in the FR2 frequency range detailed by the 5G NR movile radio service standard. The Narda 5G FR2 performs quick and precise measurements, displays them in field strength or in relation to test stardard limit values like FCC or ICNIRP, and is easy to setup and operate.

Narda's 5G FR2 antennas are available in two distinct models:
  • Narda 3591/01
    • A directional antenna ideal for measuring weak signals
  • Narda 35901/02
    • An omnidirectional antenna built for environmental measurements
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