Olympus IPLEX FX Industrial Videoscope

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The main component of the IPLEX FX base unit chassis is magnesium — renowned for its strength and light weight. A typical material used for industrial environment equipment, magnesium was chosen to provide the impact resistance and solid base that withstands the knocks and bumps that commonly occur to industrial videoscopes. In addition to a crush-resistant chassis each corner is protected by rubber bumpers, further softening a drop and maximizing product reliability while reducing potential for damage. The IPLEX FX survived the repetitive 4-foot drop test for compliance to MIL-STD 810F.

The IPLEX FX uses Stereo Measurement technology for accurate, three-dimensional defect measurement at any target angle. With the addition of Olympus’ unique Multi and Offset Measurement modes, the IPLEX FX offers a more intuitive measurement environment with eight different modes for accurate evaluation of most inspection targets. Multi Measurement mode is a quick two-point defect identification technique that simultaneously calculates point-to-line, area and distance results. Stereo Measurement tip adapters are available in direct and side view models for all three insertion tube diameters.