Olympus IPLEX SA Flexible Videoscope System

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Olympus IPLEX SA Videoscope System
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Olympus IPLEX SA
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IPLEX SA Datasheet
The IPLEX SA is a videoscope system that integrates everything you need for industrial endoscopic inspections.
Olympus IPLEX SA Features
  • All-in-one design for easy transport and set up
  • Compact, lightweight remote control for single-hand operation
  • Four-way joystick-controlled angulation via remote control
  • Stepless electronic zoom and versatile brightness adjustment functions
  • Still image recording, still image and voice annotation recording, and moving image recording
  • Six stereo measurement modes
  • Scope operation, image recording and management, and measurement can all be done using a PC. You can also create and edit reports, e-mail images and more
  • Ultra-real three-dimensional observation with 3D Eye-Trek
Olympus IPLEX SA Specs
Model: IV7435A IV7635A IV7696A
Length: 3.5 m 3.5 m 9.6 m
Distal end:
Outer diameter: ø 4.4 mm ø 6.0 mm ø 6.0 mm
Angulation (Up, Down, Left, Right): 120° 150° 150°
Flexible section:
Outer diameter: ø 4.3 mm ø 5.8 mm ø 5.8 mm