Pacific Power 3060-MS Solid State Frequency Converter 62.5 kVA

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The Model 3060-MS is a high power solid state frequency converter consisting of one to ten 50 kW/62.5 kVA, 3 phase AC Power Sources. The MS Series offers reliable voltage and frequency conversion and power monitoring for facilities power and/or AC power test applications. By adding the external SCU/UPC-32 Universal Programmable Controller, the MS Series can be operated as a fully featured programmable AC Power Source complete with arbitrary waveform generation and AC transient programming.

Control and Monitor Panel

The 3060-MS is equipped with simple to use front panel controls for setting output voltage and frequency. This panel also provides read back on both AC input and AC output Frequency, Voltage, Current and Power as well as diagnostic information on system status and operation. For general frequency conversion facility power applications, the front panel controls provide all necessary setting and monitoring capabilities. For AC power test and development applications, the external SCU/UPC-32 programmable controller may be added as an option.

With the addition of the UMS Battery Backup option, the 3060-MS can be converted to an uninterruptible Power Source (UPS). The waveform quality at the end of the battery support time meets the requirements of MIL-STD 1399, section 300A, Types I, II and III power forms.
/M99646-1 External 3-Phase, 63kVA auto-transformer assembly for use with a single 3060-MS cabinet
/CE CE Mark. Includes Output Circuit Breaker (/OCB)
/CSTB Casters
/OCB Output Circuit Breaker
/M99575 Split Phase Output Configurations (50 kw)
/M99583 Split Phase Output Configurations (32 kw)
/M93235 SCU/UPC32 Remote Controller
/M2160 Universal Input
/G GPIB Interface, SCPI Commands & IEEE488.2 (standard)
/S RS232 Interface. SCPI Commands, baud rate up to 38.4 kBps. (Replaces GPIB, no cost option)
UPC-Studio Windows AC Power Source control Software (no cost option)
UPC Test Manager License (cost option) required for Avionics or IEC test options listed below:
ABD0100 License for Avionics Test Sequences according to norm ABD0100.8.1. Requires UPC-Test Manager Option.
A350 License for Avionics Test Sequences according to norm Airbus A350. Requires UPC-Test Manager Option.
DO160 License for Avionics Test Sequences according to norm DO160 Version E - Requires UPC-Test Manager Option.
IEC-AC-4XX IEC 61000-4 AC Immunity Test Sequences. Includes 4-11, 4-14, 4-27, 4-28 and 4-34. Excludes 4-13 Option.
SCU/UPC32-413 IEC 61000-4-13 Inter Harmonic Generator. Required to run 4-13 tests. Includes 4-13 software.
DRIVERS LabView™ and LabWindows™ drivers available