Pacific Power 3120-ASX 12kVA Programmable AC Power Source

The Pacific Power 3120-ASX is Pacific’s latest addition to its line of Manual and Programmable AC Power Sources. Power Conversion within the ASX Series is achieved by high frequency pulse width modulation, resulting in cool, quiet and efficient operation.

The 3120-ASX is ideal for AC test, frequency conversion, laboratory and bench-power applications.
The 3120-ASX is equipped with the UPC Programmable Controller, a powerful micro-controller used to create a fully integrated test system. It supplies a variety of power conditions to the device under test and meters/analyzes all output performance parameters.

The 3120-ASX is an excellent source of stable AC Voltage over the frequency range of 15 to 1,200Hz. The output frequency is quartz-crystal stabilized. Output voltages up to 600V are available.
With the ability to provide single and three-phase outputs, the 3120ASX is the perfect choice to provide three-phase input to split (two-phase) or single-phase output power conversion.
  • GPIB (IEEE-488.2) Interface with SCPI
  • Programmable Output Impedance
  • Harmonic Analysis (FFT) and Waveform Synthesis
  • Peak Inrush Capture and Waveform Analysis
  • LabVIEW for Windows™ and LabWindows™ Instrument Drivers
  • UPC Manager Software Suite
  • Wide range of Output Magnetics for worldwide testing