Pacific Power 360AMX AC Power Supply

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The Pacific Power 360AMX AC power supply is a programmable 6000VA power source that operates over a frequency range of 20 – 5000 Hz. Pacific Power 360AMX power supplies offer the low output voltage noise and distortion characteristic of Pacific Power’s AMX series, along with the easy installation and high AC waveform fidelity Pacific Power supplies are known for. The 360AMX is ideal for applications ranging from simple frequency conversion to harmonic testing and programmable transient tests.

Pacific Power 360AMX sources pair with the high-end UPC-32 controller to provide stable AC voltage from 20 – 5,000 Hz. The output frequency is stabilized by quartz-crystal. Output voltages of up to 270V, single-phase, and 234V, split phase, are available on the 360AMX model. This Pacific Power supply provides either single or two-phase output, thus making it an ideal instrument for converting three-phase line voltage into split or single-phase output power.

Each model harnesses the power of a microcontroller that can operate as a fully integrated test system would.  The microcontroller allows for a range of power conditions and types of transients to be simulated on the DUT, all while metering and analyzing output performance characteristics. Multi-chassis configuration is possible for higher power test requirements.