PMM L3-64 3-phase LISN

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The AMN - Artificial Mains Network, also known as LISN - Line Impedance Stabilization Network - is the ancillary device intended for repeatable and accurate measurement of the disturbance voltage that an EUT (Equipment Under Test) may inject into the power line or mains. This is obtained by providing well known impedance value and phase response across the frequency range of the test. L3-500 is suitable for measurement on AC 3-phase power circuits from DC to 60 Hz. The equivalent V-Network circuit of 50 Ω // (5 Ω + 50 μH) with 250μH choke is fully compliant with the reference standards. PMM Artificial Mains Networks provide robust and stable mechanical construction, high quality electric components, easy and perfect grounding, solid input-output power connections. They can be used in conjunction with any EMI receiver or spectrum analyzer and offer features required for safe, repeatable and accurate measurements.