Preen PAS Series Grid Simulators

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Preen PAS Series Grid Simulators are power sources developed for renewable energy tests with a three phase output power of 45 - 2000kVA and an output voltage range. Preen PAS Series power supplies simulate grid conditions required by UUT and regulations for voltage abnormality test, frequency abnormality tests, or low voltage ride throughs. The Preen PAS can be used in R&D, production, or quality check stage of PV inverter, wind turbine converter, electrical vehicle, smart gird and etc. With a power level of up to 2000kVA, the PAS series provides output voltage range of 0~300V and output frequency of 45~65Hz. Users can select communication interfaces of standard RS-485 and RS-232 and optional GPIB, LAN, and USB. The PAS series also have programming sequence functions of STEP and GRADUAL modes, three phase independent control, phase angle control, disturbance function and regenerative function. The built-in low voltage ride through (LVRT) function is for specially designed for renewable energy testing purpose.