QuadTech Guardian 5000 AC/DC Hipot Tester

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The QuadTech Guardian 5000 AC/DC Hipot Tester is four instruments in one providing AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance, and Ground Bond measurements from a single test connector in one versatile instrument. This provides a cost effective solution to electrical safety compliance testing with maximum flexibility for present and future requirements. Performing all of the electrical safety tests in one box can reduce test time, increase productivity and reduce the number of boxes requiring calibration.

AC Hipot Tester performs AC dielectric testing (hipot) over the voltage range from 100V to 5000VAC RMS. The maximum leakage current of 40mA RMS makes the Guardian 5000 ideal for testing devices with high leakage currents such as power supplies which have large filter or “Y” capacitors for noise reduction. Both the actual test voltage and total current are displayed during testing.

TDC Hipot Tester voltage range for DC dielectric testing is 100V to 6000VDC with a resolution of 10V. The maximum current leakage is 20mA which allows quick charging of capacitive devices. A quick discharge of the device when the measurement is complete, also minimizes test times.

Insulation Resistance measurements are similar to a DC hipot but rather than displaying leakage current, resistance is calculated and displayed. The insulation resistance can be measured over the range of 10MW to 10GW with test voltages from 50VDC to 1000VDC in 1V steps.

Ground Bond provides up to 30A AC for ground bond testing. The test current can be programmed from 1A to 30A in 0.1A steps. Hi current limit, test time, frequency and open circuit no load voltage can all be programmed. The offset feature can automatically compensate for any lead resistance.