Tektronix YBA250 RF Antenna Analyzer

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The Tektronix YBA250 RF Antenna Analyzer performs swept reflection measurements over a frequency range from 25 MHz to 2500 MHz. This range covers the frequency bands for 2G and 3G cellular standards. It is also able to locate problems in antenna systems by measuring the Distance to Fault (DTF) of components in the system that cause large reflections.

Antenna systems constitute an essential part of a cell. They could degrade their performance over time or have sudden failures, which may cause poor voice quality, loss of coverage and dropped calls. Testing antenna systems regularly increases the reliability of a cell site.

The YBA250 generates RF signals and applies it to the antenna. The RF signal is generated in steps, point by point, from a start to a stop frequency. The core of the Tektronix YBA250 is a test set that separates the incident signal from the reflected signal for each frequency. The ratio of the reflected signal and the incident signal, known as reflection coefficient, is computed, corrected using calibration data, and displayed in the form of return loss or VSWR.