Teseq ISN T8-CAT6 Impedance Stabilization Network

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Impedance stabilization networks (ISN) are coupling/decoupling networks according to CISPR 22 (EN 55022) for measurement of conducted common mode disturbances of information technology equipment (ITE). The ISN is placed between the equipment under test (EUT) and the auxiliary equipment (AE) or load which is necessary for the operation of the EUT. The ISN establishes the common mode termination impedance seen by the telecommunication port during measurement.

The ISN T8-Cat6 is designed for measurements on up to four unshielded single balanced pairs shown at D.3 (ISN with high longitudinal conversion loss (LCL) for use with one, two, three, or four unscreened balanced pairs) in CISPR 22, Ed.5.2, 2006 and EN 55022 Sept. 2006 (IEC/CISPR 22: 2005 modified). The longitudinal conversion loss (LCL)- requirements for the EUT-side is realized in relation to the cable category cat.6. No additional adapters are required. For other cable categories Teseq offers a different ISN with LCL adapters for cat.3 and cat.5 which is called ISN T8.