Teseq MT 5511 Transient Generator Module

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This product is an accessory to the NSG 5500.

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The MT 5511 (MT = Micro Transients) is a plug-in transient generator module designed for use with the NSG 5500 mainframe system. This generator is designed to meet the specification requirements for the ISO 7637 standard for pulses 1, 2a, 6 and similar. In many cases the specification of this generator exceeds those specified in the applicable standard. The MT 5511 complies with ISO 7637-2:2004, with previous versions of the standard and also meets many proprietary automobile manufacturer standards.

The MT 5510 generates pulses of types 1, 2a and 6, as specified in the ISO, SAE and Ford™ standards. This standard defines how these pulses are generated in relation to the vehicle battery voltage.

When slotted into an NSG 5500 mainframe, the MT 5511 Micro transient generator is fully programmable either via USB or RS 232 and the IEEE 488 interface. Parameters such as amplitude, pulse width and pulse rise time are all under program control. This allows flexible test patterns to be generated, which can facilitate rapid analysis of susceptibility limits of a device under test.

The output pulses of the generator are available on two 6 mm sockets on the front of the NSG 5500 mainframe.

The MT 5511 allows selection of different internal output resistances under software control. If enabled in AutoStar, the Ri jacks will not internally be bypassed. This will allow to add an additional resistance to the selected internal pulse output resistor.