Teseq NSG5005A Load Dump Module

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This product has been discontinued.

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This product is an accessory to the NSG 5000.

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Alternators produce a high-energy (load dump) pulse on a vehicle's power harness when the battery is disconnected. Used with the Teseq NSG 5000 EMC Test System, the NSG 5005A simulates the corresponding pulse 5, specified by both ISO and SAE, the clamped load dump pulse 5b, as well as the additional pulse 7 defined by the ISO standards such as ISO 7637. Some vehicle manufacturers have expanded upon these specifications - in most cases by making them more stringent. The generator takes this into account. Contrary to the classic concept, the unit is built around an active amplifier circuit. This enables much greater variability of the pulse parameters to be achieved and facilitates better reproducibility. Impedances are emulated electronically by dynamic current limiting, ensuring that the required pulse energy is driven optimally into the EUT. An impedance box is available as an option (INA 5025) which sets up the generator impedance by means of hardware, using power resistors.