Teseq NSG 500B/11 Interference Simulator

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Electronic equipment connected to automobile electrical systems can also be susceptible to the interference which was generated by switching of various inductive loads. This causes surge voltages to appear on the supply lines of the vehicle of various amplitudes, energy and rise times. Specifically, when the inductive loads are disconnected from the battery with a mechanical switch, high energy in the form of inference pulses or groups of pulses are created. The NSG 500B/11 allows the simulation of this interference in the laboratory to enable the design engineer to determine if his products will fall prey to these power line faults. If they do, he can design out the problems before his company tries to market his design. To avoid interference pulses generated by the NSG 500B/11 affecting the battery, a power line filter has been incorporated. All of the pulse outputs are protected against short circuits. The input and output sockets are floating, so that they can be connected to any desired potential.