AEMC DTR-8500 Digital Transformer Ratiometer

AEMC DTR-8500 Portable Digital Transformer Ratiometer
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AEMC Instruments DTR-8500
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The AEMC DTR 8500 has been replaced by the AEMC DTR 8510.
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The DTR-8500 is a portable digital transformer ratiometer designed for on-site testing of power, potential and current transformers. When connected to a non-energized transformer, the DTR-8500 accurately measures primary to secondary turns ratio, while simultaneously displaying polarity and excitation current.

Rugged and reliable, the AEMC DTR-8500 is built into an attractive, sealed structural polypropylene case designed to withstand the rigors of industrial and utility field use.



  • Power transformers
  • Potential transformers
  • Current transformers



  • Designed for power transformers, VTs, PTs and CTs
  • Direct readings from 0.8000:1 to 1500.0:1
  • Display turns ratio, polarity and excitation current simultaneously
  • Dual power supply and operation: integrated rechargeable NiCD battery and AC supply
  • Display warnings of incorrect lead connections, reverse polarity, open and short circuits