Megger MTO330 Automated Six-Winding Transformer Ohmmeter

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Rent Megger MTO330 Automated Six-Winding Transformer Ohmmeter
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Megger MTO330
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MTO330 Datasheet

The base model, MTO300, is designed to be remote controlled via PowerDB software on an external PC or a Megger transformer test product with on-board computer.

The MTO330 offers the same functionality as the MTO300. However, it is equipped with an onboard computer featuring full QWERTY keyboard and navigational push-buttons as displayed on an 8.4 inch full-color VGA transflective screen viewable in bright sunlight.

It has an internal computer and can be used to control other Megger products such as the TTR300, TTR310, FRAX99, FRAX101, DELTA2000, DELTA4110, and MLR10.
Megger MTO330 Features
  • One-time connection principle results in a 4x faster setup time eliminating over 70% of safety risk
  • Automated eight-terminal/six-winding measurement capability
  • Interchangeable lead set with the Megger 3-phase series of TTRs
  • Simultaneous winding magnetization for fast and accurate dc winding resistance measurements of high inductive loads
  • Built-in auto-demagnetization
  • On-load tap changer operation testing
  • Faster testing with one-time connection principle, measures all phases and windings without disconnecting or reconnecting leads.
  • "One clamp per designated bushing" concept significantly reduces chance of operator error in making lead set connections.
  • Automated eight-terminal/six-winding measurement capability saves time and eliminates the need for external jumper cables.
  • Interchangeable lead set with the Megger TTR300 series of 3-phase turns ratio instruments saves time and money.
  • DC test current up to 10 A.
  • Built-in discharge circuit safely discharges the specimen when test is completed, if lead accidentally disconnects, or if power is lost.
  • Built-in demagnetization circuitry allows the operator to de-magnetize the transformer core upon completion of resistance testing, or as a stand-alone feature before SFRA testing or when the transformer is put back in service.
  • Custom PowerDB form for production heat-run (interval) testing.
  • PowerDB software allows for data analysis and trending while in the field without the use of an external computer.
  • The user can easily recall transformer set ups from a custom-settings menu with PowerDB.
  • PC interface via USB for remote control operation and downloading of test results for ease of use.
  • equipped with onboard 8.4 inch, full-color VGA transflective screen viewable in bright sunlight and built-in capability for storing and downloading test results
Megger MTO330 Specs
Input Power 120/240 V, 50/60 Hz, 720 VA
Printer Interface USB
Computer Interface Ethernet for remote control; USB flash drive for storage and transfer of test results
User Interface PowerDB on internal computer with 8.4 inch, full-color VGA, test forms on-screen view, full QWERTY keypad and navigational pushbuttons
Internal Data Storage 10,000 data points
Operating: 14° F to 122° F (-10° C to 50° C)
Storage: 5° F to 158° F (-15° C to +70° C)
Dimensions 8.5 H x 21.5 W x 13 D in (216 H x 546 W x 330 D mm)
Weight 33 lbs (14.9 kg)
Communication/Control Software PowerDB ONBOARD