Tettex Instruments 2293 Winding Resistance Meter

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The Tettex 2293 Winding Resistance meter offers a maximum measuring current of 32A and a maximum charging voltage of 100V, equipping technicians to perform accurate and quick resistance testing at a range of power levels. The Tettex 2293 incorporates a fast and highly advanced procedure to measure winding resistance. A simple one-time-connection system together with the simultaneous winding magnetization method drastically reduces measuring time. The simultaneous winding magnetization (SWM) method guarantees fast and reliable measurements even on large power transformers with delta windings on the low voltage side, where stable measurements can be seldom reached using traditional winding resistance measurement instruments. In addition, the new demagnetization function integrated into the Tettex 2293 Winding Resistance meter eliminates the magnetic remanence in the core after the application of a DC voltage. This feature can be used before performing other tests such as frequency response analysis (FRA), transformer turns ratio measurement (TTR) or recovery voltage measurement (RVM) which are adversely affected by remanence effects.