DV Power TRT63 Turns Ratio Tester Series

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Rent DV Power TRT63 Series True Three-Phase Transformer Turns Ratio Tester
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DV Power TRT63
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TRT63 Datasheet
The DV Power TRT63 Turns Ratio Tester is a true three-phase, fully automatic test set specially designed for turns ratio, phase shift, and excitation current measurements of power, distribution and instrument transformers. The DV Power TRT63 determines the transformer turns ratio by applying voltages across high voltage windings, accurately measuring voltages across the unloaded transformer windings, and then displaying the ratio of these voltages. This test set can be used to test single phase and three-phase transformers, both with and without taps in accordance with the requirements of the IEC 60076-1 standard. For a three-phase measurement, the test set is connected to all the three phases of a transformer to be tested. If specific vector diagrams are selected for different types of transformers, the DV Power TRT63 will run a specific test for each transformer type (i.e., single phase, Delta to wye/star, Wye/Star to delta, Delta to delta, Wye/Star to wye/star, Delta to zig-zag, etc.) without a need to switch the test hookup cables. In addition, it can perform the test with true three-phase test voltage, allowing the testing of any transformer type. Following the test, it displays a turns ratio, phase shift, and excitation current obtained with single-phase and/or true three-phase tests. DV Power TRT63s allow users to enter a transformer's nameplate voltages for the turns ratio deviation calculation. This feature eliminates any error otherwise caused by an operator's manual calculation. The device also compares the test result with the nameplate ratio and prints out the % of error for each test. Operating condition messages or error messages identify incorrect test conditions, abnormal operating condition or transformer problems. TRT63 models have a very high ability to cancel electrostatic and electromagnetic interference in HV electric fields. This is achieved by a very efficient filtration developed by means of proprietary hardware and software design solutions.
DV Power TRT63 Features
  • Test voltages from 1 to 250 V AC
  • Turns ratio range 0.8 – 50 000
  • The best turns ratio accuracy of 0.03%
  • Single-phase test voltage
  • True three-phase test voltage
  • Automatic vector group detection
  • Built-in tap changer control unit
  • Detailed analysis of test results using DV-Win software
  • Interchangeable test leads with Three-phase Winding Ohmmeters & Tap Changer Analyzers TWA
TEST VOLTAGES (1,8,40,100,250) V AC
3x(1,8,40,100,250)√3 V AC
(1,10,40,100,250) V AC
3x(1,10,40,100,250)√3 V AC
(1,8,40,80,250) V AC
3x(1,8,40,80,250)√3 V AC
RATIO RANGE 0,8 to 50 000
(5-digit Resolution)
0,8 to 50 000
(5-digit Resolution)
0,8 to 50 000
(5-digit Resolution)
BEST RATIO ACCURACY 0,03 % 0,03 % 0,03 %
EXCIT. CURRENT RANGE 0 – 2 A 0 – 2 A 0 – 2 A
EXCIT. CURR. ACCURACY ±(0,25% + 500 µA) ±(0,25% + 500 µA) ±(0,25% + 500 µA)
PHASE ANGLE RANGE 360 Degrees 360 Degrees 360 Degrees
PHASE ANGLE ACCURACY ±0,05 Degrees ±0,05 Degrees ±0,05 Degrees
PHASE ANGLE RESOLUTION 0,01 Degree 0,01 Degree 0,01 Degree