Megger MTO210 Transformer Ohmmeter

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Megger MTO210
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MTO210 Datasheet
The Megger MTO210 Transformer Ohmmeter is a line-operated, field portable instrument designed specifically to measure the dc resistance of all types of magnetic windings safely and accurately. It can test transformers and rotating machine windings and perform low-current resistance measurements on connections, contacts and control circuits.

The dual set of potential inputs measures the resistance of the primary and secondary windings of a single- or three-phase transformer simultaneously. This dual reading, dual injection characteristic, also helps to speed up the measurements when used to test LV windings on large three-phase power transformers.

The Megger MTO210 Transformer Ohmmeter is useful when testing the windings and contact resistance of tap-changers with “make-before-break” contacts and voltage regulators. This action will check for pitted or misaligned contacts as the instrument will give an indication if either condition occurs.

Users are also protected by the auto-shutdown safety feature. Any inadvertent disconnection of a test lead or loss of power to the instrument will safely discharge the energy stored in the unit under test (UUT).
Megger MTO210 Features
  • Direct 2-channel digital reading allows for testing two windings at a time.
  • Very fast discharge time.
  • High-contrast, large alphanumeric displays can be seen in bright sunlight.
  • User-selectable maximum current range ensures protection of small transformers.
  • Beacon drive circuit is provided for use with optional HV strobe light.
  • Built-in demagnetization circuitry allows the operator to de-magnetize the transformer core upon completion of resistance testing, or as a stand-alone feature before SFRA testing or when the transformer is put back in service.
  • The MTO210 allows for test of transformers with onload tap-changers and provides a “break-before-make” indicator, in the event of any discontinuity.
  • For those users who choose to create an external interlock safety perimeter, a safety interlock circuit is provided.
  • Remote trigger switch is also provided for testing transformers with tap-changers.
  • Internal flash memory allows for mass storage of dataset records, for later recall, printing, and analysis.
  • Ruggedized clamps, with 4 inch (100 mm) jaws, are provided eliminating the need for bushing adapters.
  • Kelvin clamps/cables (optional) for easy connection to the transformer
  • Compatible with PowerDB software package.
  • Built-in discharge circuit safely discharges the specimen when test is completed, if lead accidentally disconnects, or if power is lost.
  • Output RS232 serial port is provided for optional printing of results and/or data output to a PC.
  • Detachable lid for ease of use.