Tettex TTR2795 Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

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Tettex TTR2795 Transformer Turns Ratio Meter
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Tettex TTR2795
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The TTR 2795 measures turns ratio with the highest accuracy in the industry and has one of the largest turns ratio ranges commercially available. This advanced instrument automatically recognizes winding connections and vector group numbers of transformer windings. Just connect the measuring cables and press the start button and get the test results.

The TTR 2795 provides a wide ratio range, which allows the user to determine the no load accuracy of CTs and PTs.

Tettex TTR2795 Features
  • Fully automated measurement of turns ratio, voltage ratio, phase displacement and excitation current.
  • Highest measurement accuracy in the industry of up to 0.03% makes the 2795 the perfect tool for preventive maintenance measurement.
  • Build-in printer for quick test report generation and total prevention of data loss.
  • User friendly self-explaining interface with one rotary push-button for easy access to the menu structure.
  • Large graphic display shows all data at a glance and displays tap changer results in a clear graphic diagram.
  • Lightweight, compact and rugged design for use in harsh environments. Closed case is IP65 waterproof, open case is splash proof.
  • Remote control software to operate the unit from a laptop PC and for easy gathering exchanging and analyzing of measurement data.
Tettex TTR2795 Specs
Excitation voltage 1 V, 10 V, 40 V and 100 V; automatic or manual selectable
Excitation current max. 1 A (10 mA at 1 V)
Display 5.2" dot matrix LCD 240x128 module with backlight
Memory Stores up to 100 complete test results/test setups
Printer Thermal strip printer, paper width 58mm
Operating Temperature -10°C - 55 °C
Storage Temperature -20°- 70°C
Dimensions (L X W X D) 41 cm X 31 cm X 17CM