Tettex TTR 2796 Three Phase Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

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Tettex TTR 2796 Three Phase Transformer Turns Ratio Meter provides better transformer excitation due to higher test voltage of 250V. The Tettex TTR 2796 helps to detect faulty transformer windings as well as defective tap changer positions. The simple ratio of turns or voltage and the related ratio error is not sufficient to detect all possible failures of a power transformer winding. The excitation current and the phase angle between primary and secondary windings give additional information about the winding condition. The TTR 2795 provides all these measurements in one compact instrument.

The Tetter TTR 2795 measures turns ratio with the highest accuracy in the industry and has one of the largest turns ratio ranges commercially available. This advanced transforer turn ratio meter automatically recognizes winding connections and vector group numbers of transformer windings. Testing is simplified by just connecting the measuring cables and press the start button.