Megger TTR330 Three-Phase Transformer Turn Ratio Test Set

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The TTR330 offers a new user interface which allows the operator to interact with the PowerDB ONBOARD software system via full QWERTY and navigation keypads as displayed on an 8.4" VGA bright-color screen. One of the primary benefits of this interface is that it displays the actual test form on the screen. An advanced feature of the TTR330 allows the user to customize these test forms via optional full-version PowerDB.

Other primary features of the TTR330 include three communications ports (two USB, one Ethernet). The USB "host" ports can be used for connecting directly to an optional printer (to print full size 8.5" x 11" completed test forms) and for data storage to a USB memory device (for later printing, analysis, archiving, and/or trending). The Ethernet port allows the TTR330 to interface (on a bidirectional basis) directly to a PC.