Megger MWA330A 3-Phase Ratio and Winding Resistance Analyzer

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The Megger MWA30A 3-Phase Ratio and Winding Resistance Analyzer is a portable transformer test device essential for testing power transformers, distribution transformers, CTs and VTz (PTs) and motors / generators. All ratio and winding resistance tests are performed in one instrument, with only one 3-phase lead-set connection. The MWA330A system is equipped to conduct a diverse array of tests, including 3-phase turns ratio, 3-phase winding resistance and a 3-phase core demagnetization testing. Resistance is provided on all six windings--once connected, the MWA330A performs DC resistance measurements on all high-and-low-side windings without reconnection. Test procedure is simple and efficient. Technicians save time by testing all six windings without the need for inter-connect boxes and without having to disconnect and reconnect leads. The MWA330A can be controlled via an external customer PC or its built-in industrial PC, the latter featuring a 12 in. bright-color touch-screen display resistant to direct sunlight and harsh environments. IT intervention is un-necessary as the MWA330A safely stores results and reports.