Amplifier Research 150A220 RF Amplifier 10 kHz - 220 MHz 150W

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Amplifier Research 150A220 RF Amplifier
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Amplifier Research 150A220
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The Amplifier Research 150A220 RF Amplifier is a completely solid-state, linear broadband amplifier for laboratory applications requiring instantaneous bandwidth, high gain and moderate power. Housed in a stylish laboratory type cabinet, the 150A220 incorporates the latest in MOSFET design, with complete thermal and over current protection and total mismatch tolerance.
Amplifier Research 150A220 Specs
Power Output 150 watts
Input for Rated Output 1.0 milliwatt maximum
Power Output @ 3dB Compression Typical: 250 watts
Minimum: 150 watts
Power Output @ 1dB Compression Typical: 200 watts
Minimum: 150 watts
Frequency Response 10 kHz - 220 MHz instantaneously
Gain (max. setting) 53 dB minimum
Flatness ±1.5 dB max.
Gain Adjust (continuous range) 18 dB minimum
Harmonic Distortion (max. at 150 watts output) -20 dBc 10 kHz - 125 MHz
-30 dBc 125 MHz - 250 MHz
Third Order Intercept Point 60 dBm, typical
RF Rise Time (10% to 90%) 3 nanoseconds max.
Connectors RF Input: Type N female
RF Output: Type N female on rear panel
Remote Control: 25 pin subminiature D
Size 19.8" x 13.3" x 21.5" (50.7 cm x 34.0 cm x 55.0 cm)
Weight 105 lbs (47 kg)