Amplifier Research 50W1000B RF Power Amplifier, 50W, 1000MHz

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Rent Amplifier Research 50W1000B RF Power Amplifier, 50W, 1000MHz
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Amplifier Research 50W1000B
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50W1000B Datasheet
The Amplifier Research 50W1000B RF Power Amplifier is a portable, self-contained, air-cooled, broadband, solid state amplifier designed for applications where instantaneous bandwidth and high gain are required. Push-pull circuitry is utilized in the high power stages to lower distortion and improve stability. The 50W1000B, when used with an RF sweep generator, will provide a minimum of 50 watts of swept power. Included is a front panel gain control which permits the operator to conveniently set the desired output level.
Amplifier Research 50W1000B Specs
  • RATED OUTPUT POWER: 50 watts minimum
  • INPUT FOR RATED OUTPUT: 1.0 milliwatt maximum
    • Nominal: 70 watts
    • Minimum: 50 watts
    • Nominal: 55 watts
    • Minimum: 40 watts
    • ±1.0 dB typical
    • ±1.5 dB maximum
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 1-1000 MHz instantaneously
  • GAIN (at maximum setting): 47 dB minimum
  • GAIN ADJUSTMENT (Continuous Range):. 20 dB minimum (4096 steps remote)
  • INPUT IMPEDANCE: 50 ohms, VSWR 2.0:1 maximum
  • OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: 50 ohms, nominal