Amplifier Research 700A Ultrasonic Amplifier 10 kHz - 250 kHz

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This product has been discontinued.

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The Amplifier Research 700A Ultrasonic Power Amplifier is completely solid state and contains no mechanical circuit breakers or relays. Even its over-temperature sensor is a solid state device. Designed for severe industrial applications, the 700A amplifier is protected from damage which might be caused by excessive VSWR, high instantaneous line current, excessive output power or over-temperature operation. A built-in line delay and zero-crossing turn-on reduce current inrush to prolong component life. Power supply voltage regulation is used to remove noise and output fluctuations. A directional wattmeter and front panel selector switch provide convenient measurement of the forward power from the amplifier and reverse power reflected by the load. A non-linear meter scale allows extremely sensitive tuning of the load simply by adjusting for minimum reflected power.