EM Test VDS 200B Voltage Drop Simulator

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Rent EM Test VDS 200B Voltage Drop Simulator
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EM Test VDS 200B
VDS 200B Datasheet Supplemental Document

The VDS 200B has been discontinued and replaced with the EM Test VDS 200N30.

Visit the EM Test VDS 200N30

The EM Test VDS 200B Voltage Drop Simulator is a low frequency amplifier. It simulates the battery power supply of a vehicle and complex power supply distortions in the power range up to 900W. A lot of different waveforms are integrated as standard such as pulse 2b and pulse 4 required in ISO 7637.

Controlled by the AutoWave generator the VDS 200B can be used for the generation of most complex manufacturer and user specific waveforms. The VDS 200B can be used as an individual instrument or in combination with all other generators of the series 200.
  • AutoWave — Arbitrary generator for more complex test requirements
  • CNA 200B2 — Central coupling matrix, 60V/50A
  • CNA 200B3 — Central coupling matrix, 60V/100A
  • CNA 200B4 — Central coupling matrix, 60V/150A
  • CNA 200B5 — Central coupling matrix, 60V/200A
  • ISMISO — Software to control the test, including standard library, test report facility and data conversion generator
EM Test VDS 200B Specs
Technical data
Output voltage 0V – 60V
Output current continuous 0A – 15A
Output current peak 15A
Source impedance Zi = < 10mΩ
Voltage deviation < 1V at any load (including inrush current) recovering 63% of its maximum excursion within 100us
Ripple voltage Ur < 0.2Vp-p, frequency min. 400Hz
Bandwidth Vpp max 16V up to 25kHz
Vpp max 6V up to 50kHz
Automatic Automatic release of the events
Manual Manual release of a single pulse
External External release of a single pulse
DUT Supply +/- Safety laboratory and high current plugs
Aux IN +/- To connect an external dc supply for dips
Analog control input 0-10V / 10kΩ / 0-50kHz
External trigger 5-15V TTL; BNC connector
CRO Trigger 5V TTL-signal for oscilloscope
Test Routines for arbitrary waves
DC source Max. 60V; current depending on VDS 200B model
Functions 1. Sine Wave
2. Jump Start
3. Extern
4. GM 9105P Pulse 4
5. Drop and Jump pulse
Standard Test Routines 1. ISO 7637
2. ISO 16750-2
3. Jaso Test 1
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