EMC Partner MIL3-DO-160-S17 Plugin for MIL3000 Test System

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The EMC Partner MIL3-DO-160-S17 Plugin is a plugin device for the EMC Partner MIL3000 Test System which empowers operators to test precisely for voltage spikes in millitary and avionic technologies. Technicians testing airborne equipment like helicopters, standard planes and jumbo jets who are looking to fulfill Section 17 of the RTCA/DO160 requirements for voltage spikes rent the EMC Partner MIL3-DO-160-S17 Plugin to meet their measurement standards. With a rise time of 2 ns and a pulse duration of 10 ns, this plugin is an ideal instrument for aircraft companies and operators.

Rent the EMC Partner MIL3-DO-160-S17 Plugin to enhance the EMC Partner MIL3000 Millitary Test System, which conducts precise millitary and avionic testing via a diverse array of plugins covering numerous test standards.