EMC Partner MIL3000 Military Test System

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The EMC Partner MIL3000 Military Test System is a military and avionic modular test system offering technicians their choice of couplers, which allow easy expansions to fulfill an array of requirements. These test systems are stable, precise and quick, with pulse reproducibility during the test cycle, repeatable tests over long periods and minimum setup and calibration time. EMC Partner MIL3000 models are designed to fulfill the MIL-STD-461 testing standard, specifically the CS106, CS115 and CS116 requirements, and possess modular capabilities for a variety of coupler parts. Perform CS115 or CS116 tests either simultaneously or separately via the CN-BT6 universal coupler, one of the plug-in modules. Modular technology allows for the implementation of impulse tests as well, which can fulfill DO-160 sections 17 and 19 requirements. Another specialist coupler, one of many the EMC Partner MIL3000 offers, is the CN-MIG-BT5, which fulfills standards CS106 and DO-160 section 17. Rent your EMC Partner MIL3000 today for a fraction of the list price, and choose your modules and accessories from the accessories tab.