EMC Partner MIL3-REC Plugin for MIL3000 Test System

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EMC Partner MIL3-REC Plugin
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EMC Partner MIL3-REC
MIL3-REC Datasheet Supplemental Document
The EMC Partner MIL3-REC Plugin is a bulk cable injection impulse testing plugin for the EMC Partner MIL3000 Test System. An essential accoutrement for technicians seeking to fulfill the CS115 requirement as part of MIL-STD-461 standards, the EMC Partner MIL3-REC aids in conducted susceptibility, bulk cable injection and impulse excitation testing. The plugin offers a rise and fall time of less than 2 ns and a pulse duration of 30ns.

Rent the EMC Partner MIL3-REC Plugin in conjunction with the EMC Partner MIL3000 Millitary Test System, which conducts precise millitary and avionic testing via a diverse array of plugins covering numerous test standards.
EMC Partner MIL3-REC Specs
Standard MIL-STD-461, CS115
Test level to 100 Ω 1 – 10 A ± 10 % , adjustable
Waveform Rectangular pulse
Pulse rise and fall time < 2 ns
Pulse duration ≥ 30 ns
Repetition rate Max. 33 Hz
Requires CN-BT6, VERI-MIL3
Optional I-PROBE-CS