EMC Partner MIL3-SPIKE Plugin for MIL3000 Test System

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The EMC Partner MIL3-SPIKE Plugin serves as an accessory plugin to the EMC Partner MIL3000 Test System, allowing technicians to enhance the transient and power lead testing capabilities of their MIL3000 unit. Operators seeking to fulfill the CS106 clause of MIL-STD-461 requirements will find the EMC Partner MIL3-SPIKE Plugin to be a convenient and efficient tool for submarine and surface ship equipment testing. The plugin features a rise time of 1.5 ns and a pulse duration of 5 ns.

Rent the EMC Partner MIL3-SPIKE Plugin to complement the EMC Partner MIL3000 Millitary Test System, which conducts precise millitary and avionic testing via a diverse array of plugins covering numerous test standards.