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As more customers turn to Ethernet, service providers are faced with new opportunities and threats. Ethernet service is becoming a commodity. As more services providers offer the same service, prices continue to decline. But, there are opportunities, as well. By offering differentiated services, providers can extract additional revenues. And, keeping customers is much easier if you provide excellent service when things go wrong. The MetroScope Service Provider Assistant test set from Fluke Networks can help you in this evolving landscape, with advanced features to help you offer differentiated services and increase customer satisfaction, all while reducing both Capex and Opex costs.

Service Providers have typically used BERT or RFC 2544 tests to characterize Ethernet circuit performance. Given that both approaches were developed before the advent of Ethernet services it’s no surprise that neither provide a complete solution for testing and troubleshooting these services.Fluke Networks developed the ProVision™ test suite by taking the best of both test approaches, adopting them to MEF specifications and typical SLAs and adding customer requested features. The result is one test that characterizes even the most complex of circuits but displays the results on a single display. ProVision measures all four parameters (throughput, loss, delay, and jitter) in parallel for faster, more accurate test results. Document performance with detailed reports at the touch of a button, or use trending graphs of performance up to 24 hours to troubleshoot difficult problems.