General Radio 1982 Type 1 Sound Level Meter/Analyzer

General Radio 1982 Type 1 Sound Level Meter/Analyzer - ATEC Rentals
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Genrad 1982
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Manual Datasheet

The Genrad 1982 is a Sound-Level Meter & Analyzer you can use without plug-in filters or costly accessories, to make A, B, or C weighted sound-level measurements from 30 dB to 140 dB . . .octave-band analyses in 10 bands from 31 .5 Hz to 16 KHz.. .and peak or impulse noise measurements.

The 1982 conforms to ANSI Type 1 and IEC sound-level meter standard 651. In addition, it uses a single attenuator, allowing you to set the range desired, switch on the instrument, and read the measured level from either the digital or analog display. This eliminates the confusion of a two-attenuator system.


  • Digital and analog displays
  • Digital display captures and holds maximum sound level for accurate readings
  • 50-dB analog meter scale has 1-dB linear calibration
  • Ideal for OSHA measurements



Measurement Range
Sound Level Range: 30 to 130 dBA in four 50-dB switch-selectable ranges
Frequency Response: A, B, and C weighting; 10 octave-band filters ranging from 31.5 Hz to 16 kHz; FLAT response 10 Hz to 20kHz
Dynamics: Fast, slow, impulse (per IEC651) and absolute peak, switch selected
Displays Analog: Meter 3-in. scale, 30 to 80, 50 to 100, 70 to 120 and 90 to 140 dBA
Digital Readout: 4-digit with decimal point
Outputs AC Output: Weighted, 400 mV nominal full scale
DC Output: Approx. 60 mV/dB, linear, 3 V nominal full scale