Giga-Tronics 2540B 2-40 GHz Analog RF Signal Generator

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Rent Giga-Tronics 2540B 2-40 GHz Analog RF Signal Generator
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Giga-tronics 2540B
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2540B Datasheet Accessory Kit
The Giga-Tronics 2540B signal generator delivers industry-best offset phase noise performance, high output power, and fast frequency switching speeds in a single unit. Loaded with performance features such as high time base stability, frequency modulation (FM), high-speed pulse/square wave modulation (PM), amplitude modulation (AM) and high leveled output power makes it an excellent test solution for a wide range of CW, modulation, swept frequency, and fast frequency switching applications in both R&D and manufacturing environment.
PKG 01 Options:
  • Option 18: Extended Frequency Range
    • extends the minimum frequency range
    • Standard on the 2502B
    • Adds 10 MHz to 2 GHz when combined with option 27, Electronic Attenuator
  • Option 17A:
    • Adds AM, FM, Phase and Pulse Modulation Capability, including an internal baseband waveform generator
    • option 17A adds a complete suite of analog modulation capability with amplitude, frequency, phase, and pulse microwave modulators, and an internal low frequency baseband waveform generator to provide commonly used modulation waveforms.
  • Option 26C:
    • Adds 90dB Mechanical Step Attenuator
Giga-tronics 2540B Features
  • Frequency ranges - 2 GHz to 40 GHz with 0.001Hz resolution
  • Fast Frequency and Level switching time - < 550 μsec for ΔF0≤ 500 MHz
  • Ultra-low Close-in Phase Noise
  • High output power: +13 dBm at 40 GHz
  • Full Suite of Analog Modulation
  • Low Harmonics, Low Spurious

Advanced Synthesizer Technology:

The 2540B signal generator utilizes new Advanced Synthesizer Technology that delivers excellent close in phase noise performance of -77dBc @ 100 Hz and -96dBc @ 1KHz and an ultra low phase noise performance of -109 dBc @ 10 kHz and 100 kHz offset on a 10 GHz carrier frequency.

Faster to Program:

Every 2540B signal generator comes with Giga-tronics Automation Xpress, a PC based software package designed for enhanced user interface and automatic test systems. The Automation Xpress CD includes a full-featured plug-and-play driver and soft front panels to provide the ATE system integrator with everything needed to get up and running fast. A comprehensive LIST mode, Command-Line interpreter with script and loop capability, and GPIB traffic monitoring are just a few of the many features a test system programmer will appreciate when developing and debugging Test Program Sets.

Excellent Value:

The Gigatronics 2540B series signal generator is a unique blend of performance, reliability and a simple user interface that helps our customers lower their overall cost of ownership by shortening instrument-learning time and reducing systems integration effort through Automation Xpress™ on a system that is backed by excellent standard warranty.


The 2540B series unit has full command compatibility with 2400 series and previous generation signal generators from Giga-tronics. In addition, Giga-tronics offers optional command set for legacy signal generators offered by other manufacturers allowing customers to replace all legacy signal generators with single unit from Giga-tronics.