Keysight N5183A MXG Analog Microwave Signal Generator, 100 kHz – 40 GHz

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The frequency range covered by the Keysight N5183A MXG microwave analog signal generator has a frequency range of 100 kHz to 40 GHz. Keysight N5183A signal generators were developed to do parametric testing on microwave components and receivers. The N5183A provides CW blocking for receiver tests and local oscillator upconversion for microwave backhaul lines, and test throughput is optimal with 600s of frequency change. The N5183A's high output power and level of accuracy enable technicians to monitor microwave filters and amplifiers. The Keysight N5183A stands out from the competition thanks to its quick switching times, industry-leading ACPR, easy maintenance, and signal analysis software. The N5183A cuts expenses with its simplified self-maintenance options. For creating sinusoidal outputs during component testing and various other signal analysis applications, the Keysight N5183A signal generator is the optimal choice for technicians.