PMM 3000 RF Generator 10 kHz - 1 GHz

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The Narda PMM 3000 RF Generator 10 kHz - 1 GHz has been designed to provide the best price/performance generator available today on the EMC market. To all the features needed to act as stand-alone generator to perform ElectroMagnetic Compatibility tests, programmability through RS-232 or 485 has been added. PMM3000 control software enables the user to access all the available functions using only 4 keys, while the LCD display offers convenient view of all commands and shows all major parameters at once. The user can set frequency from 10 kHz up to 1000 MHz with 1 kHz and 10 kHz of resolution, respectively in the lower or upper band. The AM internal modulation (400 Hz or 1 kHz), 1Hz, 200 Hz pulse modulation and external modulation have been implemented in order to cover existing as well future standards. Thanks to its design it is possible to change the output level with about 20 dB of dynamic without using reed relays: that means high speed of operation and accuracy.