Keysight 6050A DC Electronic Load Mainframe 1800 W

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Rent Agilent 6050A DC Electronic Load Mainframe 1800 W
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Keysight 6050A
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Manual Datasheet Accessory Kit
The 6050A 1800-watt and HP 6051A 600-watt electronic load mainframes accept the user-installable HP load modules for easy system configuration and future reconfiguration if desired . The HP / Agilent 6050A holds up to six HP 60501A, 60502A, and 60503A load modules or three HP 60504A load modules, allowing up to 1800 watts total maximum power . The HP / Agilent 6051A holds up to two HP / Agilent 60501 A, 60502A, 60503A modules or one HP / Agilent 60504A module allowing up to 600 watts total maximum power . One HP-lB address is all you need for complete control and readback of all load modules within a single mainframe.

Available modules: