Keysight 6050A DC Electronic Load Mainframe 1800 W

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The Keysight 6050A 1800-watt and 6051A 600-watt electronic load mainframes accept the user-installable load modules for easy system configuration and future reconfiguration if desired. The Keysight 6050A (formerly Agilent Technologies) can hold up to six 60501A, 60502A, and 60503A load modules or three 60504A load modules, allowing for a total maximum power of up to 1800 watts. Additionally, the 6051A holds up to two 60501 A, 60502A, 60503A modules or one 60504A module, meaning it can achieve up to 600 watts total maximum power. One HP-lB address is all you need for complete control and readback of all load modules within a single mainframe.

The Keysight 6050A DC Electronic Load was previously manufactured as the Agilent 6050A DC Electronic Load which replaced the HP 6050A DC Electronic Load.
Available Modules: