Keysight J2300E Agilent Advisor WAN

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The Keysight J2300E Agilent Advisor WAN product has been replaced by a new product.

The J2300E mainframe comprises the acquisition system for all ATM and WAN plug-in modules plus the V series interfaces, connectors for which are present on the body of the mainframe. For LAN measurements such as Ethernet 10/100/1000, Token Ring and FDDI, LAN undercradles can be attached to the J2300E.

In addition, the mainframe includes a full PC running the Microsoft ® Windows98 ® operating system on a 400 MHz processor, 256 MB of RAM, a built in keyboard with pointing device, a Super VGA active color display, dual PCMCIA card slots, stereo speakers and the usual printer and serial ports. The PC is used to control the mainframe acquisition system and the acquisition system in any attached undercradle, and to collect and post process results. With the new 400MHz PC processor and larger momory, post capture filtering and searches are significantly faster than before, saving valuable troubleshooting time.

Note that the PC is not used for real-time processing of measurements this is all done in the acquisition system and plug-in modules. This allows the PC to handle multiple tasks such as the Dual Simultaneous Analysis feature which involves the simultaneous control of the mainframe acquisition system and attached undercradles.